Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Still No Pictures

Sorry guys, haven't gotten the camera back yet, but should have it back tomorrow so then I'll be able to take and post pictures.

I figured since I can't show you Ainsley, I'll just give you a little update on what she's been up to.

I will start with what all of us already pretty much know...that Ainsley is ROTTEN!!! I've decided to start putting her in time out. She does things, that she knows we don't want her to do, just to get a reaction. So now, my reaction is "No, Ainsley." And when, not if, but when she does it again, she has to sit for one minute. This really means I have to stand over her for one minute. I'm not really sure that she gets the connection, but we've gotta start somewhere. So, the reason I decided this needed to start is because Monday night two things happened.

First, we had the dog food sitting in the living room and Ainsley came to get me in the kitchen so I would watch her put her hand in the water. She doesn't want to do it unless someone is there to tell her not to.

Second, I sat on the floor with Ainsley and Gatsby and Ainsley slapped Gatsby in the face. So, like I always do, I take her hand and pet him gently and say "Soft, easy, soft easy." So she pets him soft and easy for a moment, then she looks me right in the eye, finds a fistful of hair and pulls hard and fast. So again, I say "Soft and easy" while gently rubbing her hand on his fur. Again, she pets him nicely for a moment, moving down towards the tail and then YANK on the tail. Gatsby jumped and growled at her. I can't very well be mad at him.

So as sweet as she can be, she can also be rotten, rotten, rotten.

Otherwise, Ainsley seems to pick up a new little trick every other day. Now she holds her finger up to her lips and says "Shhhh." But it's more like the tip of her finger is in her mouth and it sounds a little more like "Thhhh." Also, last night I was sitting in the office with the door open while Clif and Ainsley were in the play room across the hall. I was working on the computer and all the sudden I realized she was talking to me. I look across the hall and she is staring at me and speaking with the inflection of a question in her voice. I stand up and say "What?" and start walking towards her. She throws her head back laughing, then RUNS to me. Yes, runs. I couldn't believe it. When did she start running?

Well, that's about all. Tomorrow I should be back up with pictures. Until then, take care.
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