Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sorry, no pictures...

Clif and I left our camera at a friend's house last night, so sorry, no pictures. We had a nice weekend at home yesterday and today. Yesterday we went to a 2nd birthday party, a house warming party and a surprise 30th birthday party. We were quite the party animals!

Today we went shopping for a new dress for me. We are going to Murphy's wedding next weekend and I needed something to wear. I tried on dresses while Clif and Ainsley walked around the store and Ainsley made lots of new friends. She's so funny. She waves to everyone and says "Hi dare!" Then she gives them her irresistible, toothy grin. You can't help but smile and neither can any of the strangers.

This weekend we have also been focusing on getting Ainsley to sleep without nursing her. It's actually gone better than expected. I'm still going to nurse morning and night for a few more weeks...I don't want to cut it all out at once. But I think I can officially say we are no longer nursing during the day...we'll see. And some other good news, last night we got home around 11PM and it took awhile, but I got Ainsley down in her bed a little before midnight. She slept there until 6AM this morning!!!! I couldn't believe it. We'll see how she does tonight.

Speaking of, I need to get her to bed. We'll get our camera back soon and then I'll post new pictures. You'll just have to read my colorful words until then.
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