Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ainsley and Her Bahba

That's baby in Ainsley speak. So Ainsley is becoming fairly obsessed with baby dolls. I'm not sure if obsessed is the right word, but she really loves baby dolls. It started at day care. They have this little baby doll with plastic head, hands and feet, and a cloth body. The baby doll has no clothes. But Ainsley loves this baby doll. A couple of months ago if Ainsley started crying when I went to leave, her teacher would say "Ainsley, where's your baby?" and Ainsley would look around and go find her baby. Now every single morning when she walks in the door she immediately looks for the baby and starts saying "Bahba? Bahba?" When she finds the baby she brings her, the blanket and the bottle to me. I must swaddle the baby and give her the bottle before I leave. Then Ainsley reaches out and says "Bahba!" Like, "ok mom, now giver her to me." Then Ainsley takes the baby and burps her. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. She holds her up to her shoulder and says "Pa, Pa, Pa." I can only imagine that she's saying pat, pat, pat. Her teacher tells me that all day she plays with the baby doll. She feeds her, she sleeps with her, she rocks her, she even sings/hums to her.

So of course, I think, I have to get this child a baby doll. Well, I have refrained, I figure it will be a good gift for Christmas. I'm trying to get in good non-spoiling habits early. But, a friend of mine from work came in a few weeks ago with a bunch of toys that her kids have out grown, and low and behold she had a naked Cabbage Patch doll! So I scooped it up and brought it home to Ainsley. She loves that baby, and now she sleeps with her. And sometimes when I put her to bed she reaches out and grabs the little doll's hand. I just want to cry it's so freaking cute. I would like to find some clothes for the baby, but I haven't yet. I might go to Toys R Us this weekend and look for that and one of those little bottles where the liquid disappears. I tried giving her a real bottle, one of her own old ones, but she just sucks on it.

So, here are some pictures of my baby with her baby. Enjoy.

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