Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Frost Strikes Back: Memoirs of a Refrigerator's Revenge

Our refrigerator worked, for about 3 weeks. Then we noticed the refrigerator just wasn't so cold anymore. So we bought a thermometer...45 degrees. Two days later 65 degrees. Definitely broken again. Lucky thing I'm too lazy to go to the grocery store, so we only lost a container of yogurt, half a container of sour cream and a quarter of a gallon of milk.

We called the repairman. We ask him to come back and make sure that there wasn't something else wrong when he checked it before. How could a 1 year old appliance possibly have 2 major things go wrong with it in a 4 week period? That's not possible right? Well I don't really have an answer yet. After fighting with this guy to come back for free, then waiting up until 11PM for him to not show up, and finally getting him here on the third day (which for some odd reason the refrigerator rebounded that day, back down to 42 degrees), he opens the refrigerator door and says "You should probably unplug it and let it defrost for 24 hours." Yep, that's it. He thinks maybe a piece of ice got lodged in the ducts and is cutting off air supply to the fridge. By the way, freezer worked fine the whole time. So we just turned the fridge back on after 24 hours. We'll see how this goes. I know this is thrilling stuff...I'll keep you posted.

On to much more fun and interesting things...Ainsley is doing great. Here is a picture of her last night with her Alfalfa hair. She changes every day. She now says bye bye like a pro - with a little southern twang. "Buh, Buy" she says as she waves and waves. And I swear she is saying "Hi Dad!" She rarely says Mama unless she's cranky. She can also drink out of a straw now, and she's learned the baby sign for more. So now she can tell us when she's done (waving hands saying "Da! Da!") and when she wants more (points finger to palm of hand and says "ma, ma?"). She also dances like crazy. Oh and stomps her feet. She is just too comical.

Today, I had the day off, so I took her to daycare just for the morning so I could work on my class uninterrupted for a few she naps way better there. So she had a nap and a snack while I typed about Orthopedics. I think she won out on that one. I picked her up around 11:30 and we ran some errands. We went to get a little gift for our newest little friend Katherine Elise. She is the daughter of one of my closest, best friends Julie and her husband Todd (who we also love :) We can't wait to meet her. Then we went to look for party supplies for the big birthday party. No party store has lady bug stuff, so I guess I'll just order it all online. Finally we went to Chili's for lunch. I've never taken Ainsley out to eat by myself. I was a little nervous, but it was actually really nice. Normally I'm trying to have a conversation with Clif and pay attention to Ainsley and feed myself. But today was just very relaxed. We took our where to be...and I had all of my energy to focus on her. She was absolutely great. I thought she might melt down because it was getting close to nap time, but she did really well.

We got home, and after a nap, we played in the baby pool again. I forgot to take my camera out with me, and she was not having it at all today. I think I turned it up too high, so the water scared her a little. But she did have on a really cute suit which I managed to get a few pictures of. By the time we finished that we got dressed and it was time for Clif to come home.

So that's it, nothing very exciting but I really enjoyed my day with her. It's very rare that it's just me and her and she's healthy, not that I don't love it when we're all three together, but it was nice. Hopefully it won't be too far down the road that I will be able to do that on a more regular basis. Just have to get through this class.

Well, that's it for now. We have a very low key, long weekend planned. Happy 4th of July everyone.

P.S.  Everyone send happy thoughts to my father in law, Kip, we had a little scare today but it looks like everything is going to be alright.  Feel better Popa!
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