Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ainsley Visits the Ocean - Day 1

Well, after travelling back home to do some laundry and go to sleep, we woke up Monday morning and headed to Nags Head for a few days at the beach. We got there mid afternoon and got Ainsley ready for the beach. We stayed in a great house right near the ocean. We had quite the set up for little Ainsley. We got one of those canopy tents to shade her from the sun and filled a baby pool with salt water so she could have her own personal ocean, complete with a sea turtle, a dolphin, a crab, a shark and of course, lots of sand. She also had her own little beach chair, which she loved to climb in and out of all day long.

We did take her in the real ocean for a few minutes, not too deep, it was very rough the whole time we were there. She seemed to like it, but was definitely a little weary. She loved all the wind, except I think that's how she ended up with sand in her little eyes.

After about an hour or so, she fell asleep on my lap and that's where she stayed until we headed back in that evening.

First day was pretty uneventful, although we did see a double rainbow that night after a quick rain.

Well, I need to get to bed. I'll tell you more tomorrow, by then hopefully I'll have some video up as well.

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