Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dear Mother Nature

I hate snow.  Like the thought of it snowing and being cold and possibly having to be out in it, ugh...it gives me chills.  I am so ready for spring and the warm weather and all the wonderfulness that brings.  So feel free to kick that up a notch any time.

However, I'm aware that we have not had a solid snow storm in quite awhile.  So I am willing to offer a compromise, only because my kids really, REALLY want it to snow so they can use the new sled that Santa bought them.

Don't tell, but buying them sleds and snow boots this year?  That was totally my ploy to assure that it would not snow, because I just have really awesome luck like that.  Last time it snowed we had to wrap Ainsley's feet and hands in plastic bags because we were totally not prepared.

Anyway, back to the compromise I mentioned.  Go ahead and snow.  But none of this flurries BS.  If it's going to snow...make it SNOW because I absolutely do not want to be driving to work in it.  And, we all know that schools will probably close tonight for the next week because of all the hype.  I also can't afford to take the time off.  Plus, I'm required to go to my organizations Congressional Testimony tomorrow...I'd really like to get out of that - snooze fest!  So, snow enough to shut down the federal government...and you have yourself a deal.

Oh but wait...no blizzard either.  I'm not down with being stuck in my house for the next 5 days and I have plans this weekend.  If we could shut things down for 1-3 days, that'd be great.  But then bring on the sunshine and high temps!

Me :)
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