Friday, December 16, 2011

According to Ainsley - Conversations with God

Ainsley: Mommy, when you have a baby in your belly can you get two baby durl twins in your belly?
Me: Well...maybe...but I don't get to decide that.  We've talked about it, mommies and daddies don't get to decide if they are having a boy or a girl in their belly and they don't get to decide if they have twins or not.
Ainsley: Why?
Me: Well God decides that for us.  He decided that first I needed a baby girl and then I needed a baby boy.  That's why he gave me you and Freddie.
Ainsley: But I really want two baby durl twins so I can have two baby durl sisters.
Me: Well, you'll  have to talk to God about that.

Ainsley (hands folded and looking up at the sky): Dod...hi, it's Ainsley.  Please but a baby in my mommy's belly.  But please put two baby durl twins in my mommy's belly.  I want to have two baby durl sisters because I already have a baby boy brover.  Otay Dod?

Ainsley: Mommy!!!!
Me: Yes?
Ainsley: I just asked God to give me two baby durl sisters in your belly and he said yes!
Me: Well, that's exciting.
Ainsley: High five Mommy!
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