Wednesday, August 3, 2011

According to Ainsley #14 - Little Miss Know-It-All

Ainsley: Mommy, I am almost 5.
Mommy: No Ainsley, you just turned 4.
Ainsley: No Mommy, I already turned 4 and now I am almost 5.
Mommy: Ainsley, you are not even 4 and a half yet.  You have to be 4 and a half before you can be 5.  You have 11 months until you are 5.  When is your birthday?
Ainsley: July.
Mommy: Right, and do you know what month we are in now?
Ainsley: No.
Mommy: We just finished July and now we are in August.  So, let's say the months and count how many until your 5th birthday...August, September, Oct...
Ainsley: Mommy!  Stop!  Why do you always say those things?!?!?  You always tell me things!!!  You do not have to tell me these things, I already know them!

I'm linking up with Rebecca over at Musings of a Manic Mama on Friday.  Go check out her blog...

Musings of a Manic Mama
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