Tuesday, June 28, 2011

That's a Wrap!

Miniature tap shoes clickity-clack across the stage as a collaborative "awwwe" drifts from the audience.

I am a room mom, so I don't have a seat.  Instead, I'm standing backstage so I can see the dance before taking the girls back to their room.

The audience is giggling slightly as the tiniest performers look for their marks.  They are adorable in their sequence leotards, pony tails and poodle skirts.  It's impossible for them not to steal the show.

I am only about twenty feet from Ainsley.  I watch as she misses her mark and practically stands on top of the girl next to her.  She never misses her mark.  She knows that she's always number 18.

The music begins, and from the rafters we hear Shirley Temple belt out "When I Grow Up!"

Ainsley looks my way.  Oh no...

She cups her hands around her mouth and yells "Mommy?!"

I motion for her to look at the audience.

"No!  Mommy?"

"Ainsley, please look at the audience." I say more to myself than to her, I doubt she can hear me.

"But Mommy, I have to tell you something."

The first verse is almost over and so far she has just stood facing left, yelling off stage.

"When are we gonna do the finale?"

"At the end.  Do your dance!" I say loud enough for her to hear me.

"Ohh...okay," she grins.

The song continues I want to be a dancer...

Ainsley twirls right, while the rest of the girls twirl left.  She also twirls twice, while the others twirl only once.  She steps right in and catches up with the rest of the girls.

At first I am sorry that she didn't quite get it.  It was her one chance. The backstage crew around me are laughing and congratulating me on how cute she is.

As the song comes to an end and the little girls blow their kisses to the audience, I step out to wait for them.

They are excited and eager to get back to the room and see their parents.

Ainsley rushes over to me as I lead them all back.

"Mommy, did you see me?"  She is beaming.

"Yes, I saw you.  You were amazing."  And I mean it.  Most likely she will never perform such an impromptu side act again.  Next year, when she dances in this production, she'll be almost 5.  Next year, she'll understand that the finale comes at the end.  Next year, she'll know the routine better.  Next year, we won't have such a unique memory.  So I'm no longer sorry, now I'm thankful that I get to relive that moment over and over again.

"Can we do the finale now?" she asks.

"Not yet, but soon.  Can you show it to me?"

She stands and brings her arms over her head slowly.  Then they come down and clap in front of her.

Next she throws her left hand down and yells "Bandichuck, oh yeah." Then her right hand goes down and she yells again "Bandichuck, oh yeah."

Bandichuck, oh yeah.  What? You've never heard that song!  Oh, I forgot to tell you, the performance was of Grease.  Bandichuck, you know that song at the end...oh but you may know it as the Hand Jive...

Born to hand jive...Bandichuck...

You see the connection, don't you?
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