Wednesday, May 18, 2011

According to Ainsley #4 - Mean Old Man

We spent a long weekend in Connecticut for Caitlyn's wedding.

Friday we spent a lot of time running around and at one point I ended up in a parking lot which was one way.  Meaning the two lanes that circled the parking lot were one way.  Having never been in this parking lot before, I did not realize this until I was going the wrong way on this one way circle.  Also, there was plenty of room for other cars to get by.

So I pulled up and waited for Amanda to put Ainsley in her car seat.  During this thirty seconds an older man walked up to my window - which was down - and said...

"Do you know you're going the wrong way on a one way street?" and before I could answer...
"What's wrong with you?  Can't you see?  Are you blind?"

Well then...sorry parking lot police.

We headed out of the parking lot and Ainsley sat quietly...for a few moments.

"Mommy?  What did that man say?"

"He just told me I was doing something wrong."

"That was a mean man!  Why is he a mean man?"

Amanda answered, "Some people are mean because they are not very happy."

Ainsley's eyes got wide and she said "That man was not happy!"

Then we all sat quietly again until Ainsley spoke again.  This time she used a deep, gruff voice and said, "Hey, you're going the wrong way.  You're going the WRONG WAY!!!"

That old man?  He was mean...and Ainsley? Way funny.
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