Sunday, June 6, 2010

What We've Been Up To

Life goes by so quickly. I can't believe I'm back to work, I can't believe it's summer time, I can't believe I haven't written a blog in 2 weeks.

Anyway, I'm not going to write out a long blog for each event I have pictures for...I'm just going to get all caught up so I can move forward.

Let me first tell you that everything is okay with Freddie's ear. It turned out to be a juvenile xanthogranuloma. Which is a benign growth that if left alone will go away on it's own. However, because of the biopsy, it was removed and now it's gone. So we are glad that's all over.

Now on to catching us up...

About a month ago we took Ainsley to see Sesame Street Live. She loved it and once again she desperately wanted to rush up on stage with her friends.

A couple of weeks ago we took another trip to Maymont and had another picnic. This time, Clif's cousin brought his two boys along. Sammy is only a few months younger than Ainsley, and Gavin is about 4 months older than Freddie.

We've been trying very hard to get Ainsley outside as much as possible. I've decided she watches way too much TV and I want her to be more active. A new activity we like to play is "water" as Ainsley calls it. I just fill up bowls of water, give her some stuff from the kitchen and she's entertained for hours.

Then yesterday we drove down to Stony Point mall where they have one of those fountains that shoots water out of the ground. She had a blast running through it and chasing after the other kids.

So that catches you up on all of our activities. The kids are doing well and Clif is adjusting to being a stay at home, solo, dad again.

Ainsley cracks us up every day. She is starting to grasp the idea that things have happened in the past and will happen in the future. She doesn't totally get it and she doesn't always know what to call it. She often uses terms like yestermorrow and last morrow. It's almost as if lengths of time don't exist, there is the past, present and future and that's it. If something happened 5 months ago it happened last morrow and if it happened 10 minutes ago it happened last morrow. If we're on our way to lunch we're going to lunch yestermorrow and if Santa is coming in 6 months he's coming yestermorrow. It's so funny how a toddler's mind works.

She's so much fun. She has such an imagination. She's always talking to imaginary friends or carrying an imaginary puppy. The girl always has something she's holding on to. I'll say "what do you have in your hand?" and one day it's an ice cream cone, the next it's a purse, after that it's a horse...whatever.

Freddie is also doing well. He's getting so big and he's laughing and smiling and talking all the time now. He can still have a bit of a temper, he's not as laid back as Ainsley was, but he's definitely cooling off a bit.

Next weekend my mom is coming to visit and Clif and I are going to attempt a night out. We'll see how it goes.
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