Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nursery Pictures

Sorry it's taken me awhile to get these up, but it's been kind of crazy. Here are my most recent pictures of the nursery.

Since then we have moved the furniture in and put the bedding up. However, I haven't been back in there since that night because I'm now on bedrest and going up the stairs is a no no. Actually most things are a no no. I'm pretty much confined to the couch or bed except to use the potty or take a shower. Fun times!

So here's the deal. I went back to the doctor on Thursday and she diagnosed me with mild pre eclampsia. Apparently pre eclampsia is not something you want to mess with because it can turn nasty pretty quick. Pre eclampsia is basically a combination of symptoms: high blood pressure, decreased kidney function, seizures. However, seizures only happen in the most severe cases. Mine is mild. My blood pressure is elevated, but not scary and I am showing some protein in my urine but nothing too high. There's really no danger to the baby, just the mommy. She decided not to deliver the baby right away, but thought it best that I lay around and do absolutely nothing until the delivery time is right. This doesn't help the actual pre eclampsia but does help keep my blood pressure down which seems to be the doctor's biggest concern.

This is really difficult for me. Not that I can't be as lazy as the next person, but just lying here and not being allowed to go shopping or to work or take care of Ainsley...that's tough.

Luckily, my office has loaned me a laptop and I was able to work Thursday and Friday without taking leave. I will probably work a little more tomorrow and then be done. It's not easy working from home always. A lot of the things I do are hands on, so I'm limited.

Also, I'm very lucky that I have such great friends and support. Clif has been awesome. I know it's been tough for him to clean the house, take care of Ainsley, cook meals and listen to me complain.

My friends, who were throwing me a small shower at a restaurant on Saturday, pretty much camped out at my house all day yesterday and threw kind of a shower. It was great to have people to distract me from the boredom.

Clif's parent's came down this weekend and really helped out by taking care of Ainsley, getting ready for the company and helping me go through all the gifts.

The exciting news is that most likely I will deliver this coming Thursday when the baby is 38 weeks. I'm not quite as ready as I'd like to be...not that I can do much about that at this time...but I'm excited that he might be here this week. We should find out for sure at our appointment tomorrow.

So that's the story. Looks like we are getting a baby sooner than we thought even if the circumstances are not ideal.
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