Friday, March 5, 2010

Ainsley Loves Pretty Dresses

This past weekend my sister came to town to look for a wedding dress. She found one that she loved. It was one of the first ones she tried on at her first appointment. We went to two other places and she said she kept comparing all other dresses to that dress. So, that means, that was her dress. I felt the same way when I found the dress I wanted. We didn't take Ainsley with us on the trying on/looking for a dress day. Although, I knew she would have LOVED it. I just also knew that I was there to watch my sister try on dresses and more than half of my time would have been spent chasing Ainsley around stores with VERY expensive dresses on display.

The following day, after Carolyn made her decision, we went back to the original store for her to get fitted and purchase the dress. I decided to take Ainsley because I knew she would love it.

The child was almost speechless. She was in awe of the pretty dresses and kept asking Aunt DeeDee to try different ones on. Of course she had to try some things on behold my itty bitty bride...

I know I'm biased, but she is way too cute for words.
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