Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Days

I love summer. I love when it's warm and you can sit outside and drink a beer or walk through a park or just drive around with the windows down. Definitely better than winter. I just feel my mood lighten as the warmer weather approaches.

We've been spending a lot of time outside with Ainsley. Two weekends ago we decided to go to Maymont. I had never been and my mom was visiting so it was something nice to do for the day. Clif and Ainsley have been a few times on play dates. So this park is huge, and right smack dab in the middle of the city. You'd never know it. We started out at the Children's Farm. They've got all the animals you'd expect to see on a farm...pigs, chickens, cows, bulls, horses, goats. Then you wind down this steep hill to see owls and eagles and bears, oh my! Ainsley liked the bears. We actually only saw one bear pacing at the wall...hoping to plan his escape I guess.

After all the animals you walk along the train tracks and then open up into the Japanese Garden, which I must say is amazing. There's a waterfall and stepping stones across the lake. I really enjoyed this part and Ainsley liked jumping across the stepping stones. The trees and flowers were beautiful. At this point we were at the edge of the park and Clif said that normally they turn back and go the way they came in. However, we decided to be adventurous and hiked up the hill/stairs at this end of the park. It was quite the hike. I carried Ainsley which made it a bit more difficult. When we came out we expected to be back at the Children's Farm but instead it opened up to a huge field with carriage houses and mansions along the edge.

So we definitely got our exercise that day!

Last week Clif had a play date with a group of guys and their kids. Who knew so many dads are home with their kids? Unfortunately, some of them are in the same boat we are, but some of them are choosing to do so. I think that's awesome. Mommies always get to stay home, I think it's great that some dads are choosing to.

Ainsley and Clif went over to one of the guys house where he had a moon bounce and a play ground and some water games. Ainsley seemed to enjoy herself.

This past weekend we went to the Children's Museum of Richmond for the first time. It was dollar night. There was lots for Ainsley to do there. They had this little make believe town with a school and a hospital and a store and a body shop and anything else you would find in town.

We also ventured away from our normal park and went to Deep Run park. It was pretty nice. We did not stay very long, Clif and Ainsley were both sick all weekend. Just a summer cold but not feeling so great. And guess what? I woke up with it yesterday. So we are all sick...don't come visit.

This week will be pretty low key since we are all feeling like crud. Maybe I'll get some pictures of our red noses :)

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