Monday, June 1, 2009

New Pictures

We did get our camera back on Friday. Yeah! So now I have pictures to show you.

We had a very low key weekend. Nothing too exciting. Since Clif is with Ainsley all the time, I try to give him a break on the weekends, especially when I have a jewelry party to go to for 4 hours on a Saturday :) So Saturday morning after breakfast - a very late breakfast since a certain little girl woke up very late, probably because she stayed up so late the night before - Ainsley and I went to the playground and left Clif to shower in peace and read his newest Star Wars book.

Ainsley loves the playground. She's getting much more brave and just loves being there and seeing all the bigger kids play. One of her favorite things this time was to sit in this little red bucket and spin around. She didn't want to get out of the seat. She just wanted me to spin her round and round and round. Every time she did get out she had trouble walking. It was like watching a little mini drunk!

I had to bribe her to leave so I could get home and get ready for the party. So, after the playground we made a quick stop at McDonald's for a milkshake and french fries. That's probably my favorite treat. Who would of thought that chocolate shakes and salty fries would go so well together.

Yesterday we spent the morning cleaning the house and doing some yard work. We also tried to force Ainsley back into a schedule. I woke her up at 8 AM, we put her down for a nap at 1:15 pm and she went to bed at 8:45 pm. Of course she woke up raring to go at 11, just as we were going to bed...but at least it was a start. I'm coming very close to my wits end with the whole sleeping battle. It is wearing me down! Clif has a much easier time getting her down, so he may just have to be in charge of that for awhile. Granted...I have way less patience than Clif, but she is just so clingy to me lately and I think that hinders her sleeping a bit. We'll see, I'm sure she'll fall back into a livable routine in a couple of weeks, but right now I am just TIRED.

I do have one really cute story to tell you, and it's one of those instances where I wish I had a video camera aimed at Ainsley 24/7 because my telling you will not do it justice. Ainsley has gotten very into Mary Poppins. And I don't mean that she just likes the movie, I mean that it's all she asks for. And it is almost impossible to distract her from this desire unless we leave the house. It is one of my favorite childhood movies and I really don't get sick of it, even though we watched it 8, or 9 or 10 or more times this weekend. Well, Ainsley has started picking up on the songs in the movie. Not only does she sing them, but she also mimics the characters. It's just really cute. She'll sing "Feed the birds" and she'll close her eyes and sway back and forth just saying "A birds, poppins a baaa, poppins a baaa." Then she'll try to snap like they do during "A spoonful of sugar" and just like the little boy, she can't snap, so when he licks his fingers to help himself out, she licks hers. Then there's a part where Dick Van Dyke is singing with the dad and the line goes "it turns bread and water into tea and cakes" and he taps his chin. Well, she does that exact thing only it sounds more like "ba ba ba ba tea ba tates." However, my favorite thing is when she decides to tell me about the movie. On Friday night, when she was supposed to be going to sleep but not, she pointed to the ceiling and said "Mommy, a puppins a seenin, a baby a seenin, a mommy a seenin, a daddy a seenin, a nini a seenin. A dinn a time a seenin" and then she breaks into laughter.

Well if you remember the movie, you know there is a part where they have a tea party on the ceiling because they are laughing and floating. If you don't remember, you'll have to watch the movie. So she was telling me that Mary Poppins was on the ceiling, the babies (the little kids) were on the ceiling, mommy was on the ceiling, daddy was on the ceiling and Ainsley (nini) was on the ceiling eating dinner.

She is growing up very quickly - too quickly.
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