Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Park in February

This morning I woke up and there was snow on the ground; however, Sunday we took Ainsley to the park because it was 65 degrees outside. Crazy Richmond weather. Anywho...we haven't been to the park in months since it's been cold and we really only have the weekends or an occasional "out of work early" day to go. So even if the weather is nicer, it usually doesn't fit into the schedule. Poor Ainsley doesn't get much time outside at all. Hopefully that will change this spring and summer.

Some things we discovered at the park...

1 - Ainsley is not thrilled with the swings anymore. She wanted nothing to do with them. Even when I got on with her.

2 - Ainsley LOVES the slide.

3 - To Ainsley, a park bench is really just as exciting as anything else at the playground

4 - Ainsley is really not very fond of taking turns.

To elaborate on that last note, on more than one occasion she tried to push someone out of her way to play with something. Mind you, all these kids were at least twice her age and much bigger than her.

Well, here are some more pictures for you to enjoy.

P.S. Whooo Hoooo Steelers. Six rings baby!!!!! (I can be a Redskins fan and a Steelers fan, totally different conferences - they hardly ever play each other :)
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