Thursday, January 22, 2009

Internet DOWN...

So I'm trying to stay true to my word and post twice a week. The beginning of this week has been very busy. So I haven't posted and I haven't worked on my class. Tonight, I was planning on doing both...however, I hear from my husband, who is at home (more on that to come), that our Internet is down. So I am at work posting. That means no pics...sorry. We are supposed to be back up and running tomorrow, so I will post again this weekend.

Most of you know that Clif worked for Circuit City, and I'm sure most of you know that Circuit City is done :( This makes me very sad for multiple reasons. First - my husband does not have a job. No worries, we will pull through. I am confident that he will find something soon. Second - it just makes Richmond more depressing. So many companies have laid off or closed around here. I know so many people out of work. It's like I went to sleep one day and everything was fine and then poof, I wake up and we are right here in the middle of crap. I'm sure if I was really good at following politics and the economy and the news, I would have expected it, but I feel like it happened so fast. I can't stand to think of all those people out of work, it's just so sad. Third - Best know my hatred for them and now they are going to get even more I have to say shop Target, shop not go to evil Best Buy!!! I can't stand going to Wal-Mart, but I will brave the nastiness and crowds at Wal-Mart to avoid Best Buy. It is my vow to never step foot in that store again. They just give me more reason to hate them at every turn. And when people stop buying gift cards for Clif there, I will force him to do the same.

Well, other than the no job thing we are doing fine and I will post pics of Ainsley this weekend. She's growing up so fast. The little baby I had just a year and a half ago is about gone, she's such a little girl now...AND!!!! I can actually get barrettes to stay in her hair now! Can you believe it?!?!?
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