Friday, May 30, 2014

Lemonade Stand

Ainsley's been begging me to have a lemonade stand.  I don't really ever remember doing this as a kid.  Just setting up shop in the front yard, but maybe I did. 

 She had big ideas about the sign and what we would sell and for how much.  I convinced her that we would only sell lemonade and it would only be $.50.  She was trying to push some pretty high profit margins.  I had to explain that most likely no one would be buying lemonade for $5.00.

 In my true annoying mom fashion, I tried to make it a learning experience.  I was trying to get her to tell me how much change she owed people and how much multiple cups were.  Eventually, I had to give up or we'd probably still be dealing with out first customer.

She also tried to give a few people 2 quarters instead of collecting the fifty cents.  I told her she wouldn't make much money that way.

Having a lemonade stand makes you realize that people are pretty awesome.  It's easy to make a little kid feel really good about themselves, and our neighbors did just that.  Most slipped the kids a little something extra and came back for seconds.

After an hour or so the lemonade was mostly gone and the kids were $12.75 richer.  They considered this a big success.

So they got to drink the rest and split the profits.

Ainsley had a hard time understanding that she started with $12 from her piggy bank so she shouldn't give Freddie half of the total amount.  Just half of the $12.75.  Freddie didn't seem to mind.

It was fun, and not so hard.  The hardest part was finding a nice afternoon that we were free to do it.  Ainsley has informed me that this was her FIRST lemonade stand.  So I guess we'll be doing it again soon.  Heck, maybe she'll become the lemonade queen one day and turn her $12 into millions.

We can dream, right?
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