Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Little Liars

When I first started back to work, I wrote this post...
 The Facts of Life

Here I am about 7 months in and I'm still looking for that new normal.  That balance of employee, mom, wife, housekeeper, cook, event planner, and all the other jobs I'm too tired to name right now.

Blogging is so far down on my list of things to do.  I think about it.  I think about it all the time.  I think, remember when I just used to blog about little random things?  Remember when I used to tell stories?  Remember when I used to be funny or serious or emotional?  Remember when I didn't just post big things?  Remember when I posted every holiday or vacation or activity?

Well, I do remember.  But time is not on my side these days.  Right now, I should definitely be working.  I was just off for a week for Spring Break.  I tried to catch up yesterday since I'm in meetings from 9AM today until Noon on Thursday, but I barely made it through email and voice mail. 

But guess what, I have a story.  Just a small little thing.  But something I never want to forget.

My Freddie is four.  I had forgotten how much I love four.  Four is incredible.  It's definitely one of my favorite ages.  Freddie does four awesomely!  I love how four is stuck between a baby and a kid.  More than any other age - so far - it is very transitional.  Four year olds have big vocabularies, but still have lisps and pronunciation issues.  Four year olds are totally self sufficient...almost, if you don't mind milk on the floor or shirts on backwards or shoes on the wrong feet.  Four year olds can wash their hands and brush their hair, with a step stool.

But I love it.  I love the imagination that suddenly appears.  I love the questions from nowhere.  I love that little pudge hand in mine.  I love the constant conversation.  I love the energy.  I even love the little fibs, because how can you not laugh at someone so determined to mislead you, yet not mature enough to pull it off?

Yesterday we walked in the door and just like every day Freddie announced that he was hungry.  I gave him some cereal while I walked the dogs.  When I came in with Gatsby Freddie asked "Mommy, I'm still hungry.  Can I have some shochocolate?" (side note - I wish I could do justice to his little voice in writing...so cute)

"Not right now Freddie.  Maybe after dinner."

I come back from walking Brinkley and Freddie said "Mommy, I didn't have any shocholate."  I didn't ask, didn't accuse.  He just said it as soon as I closed the door behind me.

I turn around to this...

"Freddie, you have chocolate on your face."

He screws up his nose, cocks his eyes and says "What?!?!?!"

I nod and say "Yes, you have chocolate on your face.  So you did have chocolate?"

"No I DIDN'T have shocholate.  Mommy, that's just dirt."

Okay, well then, excuse me.
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