Monday, July 30, 2012

God's Promise

We got some difficult news on Friday.

Nothing life one's sick, no one's hurt...still bad news.

News that will set us back.  News that will derail some plans.  News that is going to force us to take a hard look at things and make decisions.  Tough decisions.  But really, I don't want to talk about it.  Don't want to go into details.  That's not what this is about. 

After dinner Clif and I opened a couple of beers and watched the kids play in the water table on the deck until it started to rain. We packed it up and went inside.  As I finished cleaning up from dinner, Ainsley called us back to the window.

It was the brightest rainbow I had ever seen.  My iPhone camera doesn't do it justice.  I think, it was also the first full rainbow I had ever seen.

"It's God's promise, Mommy," Ainsley said.

Grandma's influence, not mine.

I nodded.  It's been a long time since I knew with all certainty that God was on my side.  That he was there making plans and carrying them through.  But in that moment, I believed it because I needed to.

So I'm trying to do what I am so terrible at doing, I'm trying to let it go and just pray that it all works out.

Now if only I could find that pot of gold, all my problems really would be solved!
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