Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Ponyrific Time Was Had By Every-pony!

My sweet little 5 year old.

Another birthday party in the books.  Phew!  This one?  Was stressful.

Let me introduce you to Ainsley's newest obsession...

My Little Pony. 

Not the My Little Pony from the 80's the My Little Pony from RIGHT NOW.  That's right, along with every other TV show and toy from our youth, My Little Pony has gotten the re-boot, with (as my sister in law says) "sluttier ponies."

I actually think they're pretty, and I asked my sister in law how they could be slutty if they don't wear clothes and she said "Those long eyelashes and flirty looks."

Okay, I guess I could see it, but I don't think that's why Ainsley likes it and actually, I prefer this show over some of the other things she watches used to watch.

But I'm getting off topic.

My Little Pony party...focus...

So these ponies are kind of new.  So guess what?  No stuff.  I had to actually plan a real party and be creative instead of picking up the picture plates and napkins from my local party store.  I so did not have time for that!

I searched and searched for invites...nada.  Anything that did come up was old MLP.  Ainsley was not amused.  Old MLP does not look like new MLP...remember slutty, flirty?  The party store had anything MLP related on clearance...because again, OLD stuff.  Which also meant they had a total of two packages of party hats and 3 plastic cups.

So I created my own theme.  These pics will probably mean nothing to you unless you are a fan, but here they are anyway...

Okay, quick explanations so you can fully understand my awesomness...Pinkie Pie is a pony and she love sweets and laughter and lives in a this is Pinkie Pie's sweet shop (you can't read it but the sign says that).  I made a Rainbow cake, fruity pony treats (rice krispy treats made with fruity pebbles) and haystacks to stick with the pony theme.

Twilight Sparkle is the main character.  She is super smart and is learning all about magic.  Here she lost her horn so the kids had to pin the horn on the unicorn.

Fluttershy's virtue is kindness.  She loves animals and is soft spoken and sweet.
So I created a little meadow filled with stuffed critters.  I meant it for decoration but some of the littler kids went to town with the furry pets.

Rainbow Dash is loyal and always up for adventure.

She's so fast that she sometimes creates a sonic rainboom.  This is the pinata we busted open on the front lawn.

Rarity is generous and loving.  She's the most beautiful unicorn in all of Equestria.

She's also a fashion designer, so here kids could decorate their own hats.

Finally, Applejack.  Applejack is hard working and honest.

She also runs the Orchard/Farm that supplies food for the ponies.  We had apples, carrots and lots of other yummy food to eat like ponies.

Ainsley even dressed up as one of the characters.

Princess Celestia is in charge of all the land and Ainsley's favorite.  I made her a unicorn horn as well but it didn't stay on so well.

And I sprayed my hair pink, you can see it a bit in this picture.  If you're wondering, it's still a bit pink.

It was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun.  Ainsley had a ponytastic ball, and I guess that was the point.

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