Thursday, May 3, 2012

Moving...with Children

So we moved last weekend...Yay!!  I am really very excited about it, no matter how this post sounds.  Let me try and lay it out...

We moved to a teeny tiny house.  That's okay, I really don't mind...less to clean really, because I sure as hell can't afford a maid now.  So we're having logistical issues.  In the kitchen mainly.  There are three drawers people...THREE.  None of which will fit a silverware tray.  So my silverware?  It sits in it's tray on top of the counter...or the stove...or the table...or in the sink.  Depending on where I need to be at the time.  Also, Freddie's room?  Picture the smallest walk in closet you've seen...yep that's it!  No, I'm exaggerating, but not really.

And with a baby comes all the baby things that are needed in a room - crib, rocker, changing table.  The room is tight people.

But overall, I like the house.  I like that the main level is totally open so I can be in the kitchen and still be with the kids.

I like that there is a basement with a guest room and guest bathroom and a whole area for toys.

I like that there are huge sliding glass doors to the deck, which have no stairs.  So I can see the kids if they want to be out there.

I really do like it.  Mostly because it's ours...for now, and we finally get to be grown ups again.

But moving?  Yeah, that sucks.  Moving sucks always.  I am not the most organized or tidy person, so I'm not great at moving.  I always start out with really great intentions.  Labels on boxes.  Cleaning out, throwing away, cleaning as I pack.

Then it's moving day and HOLY CRAP I have not packed the bedrooms up!!!  So then stuff just gets put in a box.  Which box?  Who knows.  So this week has been challenging.  For instance, I can't find my belts.  I need to wear belts.  I have lost a tiny bit of weight.  Not enough to buy new clothes (good thing, because can't afford that shizz either) but enough that I NEED a belt.  All my pants are falling down.  That's a very classy and professional look for work.  So I figured I'd wear dresses and skirts...only I can't find them all.  Some of my dirty laundry is still in my car.

Yeah, we haven't totally emptied the cars yet.  Which leads me to my next point...

Moving with children SUCKS!!!  I mean it sucks way more than moving without kids.  My children are awesome.  But they are, in fact, children.  So the moment I try to do anything someone needs to be fed or bathed or changed or put to bed.  So whereas the last time I moved (without children) I could spend hours and days unpacking stopping only when I had to pee or that is not possible.

So really the kitchen is pretty much unpacked.  I put some clothes away last night, but everything else?  Still sitting in boxes in the living room or the future guest room.  Hence the reason there are still boxes and dirty laundry in the cars.

And that's that really.  I just have to accept the fact that this move is probably going to take me at least a month.  I try to do a little each night, but honestly I'm just so tired.  I've stayed up too late and not slept well, so I need to just take a deep breath and not hide in the bathroom crying...well I couldn't even do that.  I'm pretty sure the boxes are keeping the doors of the bathrooms from closing.
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