Thursday, May 10, 2012

According To Ainsley - Dinner Time

Dinner time is a big tangled mess of emotions for me.

I love having dinner with my family.  I love talking with the kids and catching up on our days.  It's the only time we all sit for an extended period of time...together.  Between full time jobs, daycare, trips to the playground, errands, dance class, etc...this is our time to connect as a family. 

It doesn't come easy.  I'm rushing around trying to get everything cooked together, feeding children snacks, playing with kids, talking to kids, answering questions, feeding dogs.  Ainsley can barely keep her butt in the seat.  Clif is usually walking in the door as I'm pulling dinner from the oven.  Freddie makes a mess and prefers his utensils on the floor.  It's basically an hour of pure chaos so we can all sit together for 5 minutes in peace and tranquility before Freddie asks to get down and Ainsley complains about the food.  But I know that these hectic dinners now, will lead to well balanced family in the future.

So here's a sample of our dinner time conversation...

Clif: What's this?
Me: Roasted veggie enchilada casserole.
Ainsley: Okay, Daddy, I need to finish my story now.
Freddie: My all done.
Me: Freddie, you haven't eaten anything.  Have a bite.
Freddie: I no yike it.
Clif: Mmm, this is good.  Freddie, try some.  It's good.
Freddie: No! Ah dowwwn!
Ainsley: So, I am Princess Celestia and I have a little sister named Princess Luna...but she is really Midnight Moon.
Freddie: (crying) Ah dowwwn!
Me: No Freddie, you need to eat something.  Just take a bite.  It has corn and cheese.  You love corn and cheese.
Ainsley: Mommy, I'm telling you a story.  Shhhh!
Clif: Ainsley, don't tell your mother to shhh.  How about you wait to tell the story and just eat your dinner now?
Ainsley: (nose squished up) I don't like this, it's furious.

Long pause

Me: Ainsley, do you know what furious means?
Ainsley: No
Me: It means your food can't be furious.
Ainsley: Well, it is furious because I am completely angry with this dinner.

So there you have it, why I love and hate dinner time.
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