Saturday, April 14, 2012

Freddie's World

Okay so this is really late...but you'll just have to deal with it late.  My life lately?  It's been crazy.

Anyway, that's not what I'm writing about...

We had a birthday party for Freddie!

All the usual characters were there.



Currently Freddie's fave.

Most mornings, after he stretches and whines and fights to open his eyes...he brightens and says "Eweddie waTCH Elmo?" (Freddie watch Elmo?)

Freddie loved the giant Elmo balloon, even when the cool weather and rain kept it on the ground for most of the day.

My mother in law even let me paint her dining room red for the occasion. was already red silly!

So now I officially have a two year old.  I think no matter how long I live, or how many kids I raise, or how many kids I know...I will always be most fascinated by their language development.  Rolling, crawling, walking...yeah, it's all cool.  But the way they just suddenly start spitting out sentences and then stories and monologues?  Without me doing anything to promote it really?  That is un-freaking-believable!

Freddie can say anything.  I mean anything.  If you say "Freddie, say monkey," he says "montey."  If you say "Freddie, say basketball hoop," he says "bat-ball hOOp."  If you say "Freddie, say Quantum Physics," he says "tata piz."  Seriously, I tried it.

This from a little munchkin that could only say ball and momma 6 months ago.  Currently, my favorite Freddie-ism is the repetative story.  Yes it's annoying, and yes you always know the answer...but man is it cute.

For instance, awhile back Ainsley and Freddie had balloons.  Ainsley's balloon escaped to the clouds.  There were tears.

Freddie asked non stop "A Adey boon doe?" (Where did Ainsley's balloon go?)  So we had a little fun with the kid.  We told him it went to the moon, and then just to make it really interesting we told him it went to Jupiter.

So now, he'll tell anyone that will listen...

"Adey boon, fy moon, a dupter." (Ainsley's balloon flew to the moon and Jupiter.)

But the kicker, was when Freddie also lost a balloon...yes there were tears, but now we get to have this conversation...

Mommy: Freddie, where's your balloon?
Freddie: A fy way.
Mommy: Where did it fly?
Freddie: A moon.
Mommy: Then where?
Freddie: A dupter.
Mommy: And who is it with?
Freddie: Adey boon.

Cracks me up every time!
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