Friday, March 30, 2012

Next Week

It's been a crazy week.

I can't really explain why.

I can tell you that I have 5 loads of clean laundry piled in my room.  Right next to 5 loads of dirty laundry.

Or that our living area is a wreck.  All of Freddie's new toys from his birthday party are strewn all about.

Or that I haven't even had one second to download the pictures from his party.

Or that Ainsley made a mess with baby powder last night and it's not cleaned up yet.

Or that I've sent Freddie to daycare twice this week with disposable diapers.

Or that Ainsley stepped in dog poo earlier this week and I just realized last night that her shoes are still sitting in the sink covered in said dog poo.

Or that we're leaving town tonight and I haven't even packed.

Sometimes I have weeks like this.  I can't really pinpoint what went wrong, but something definitely did.

So, I'm going to finish this work day, get home as fast as I can to pack, pick up the kids, and then head out of town.  At least we're staying in a hotel where someone else can clean up after us and I can forget about our mess at home.

Next week will be has to be.
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