Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Love Rock N Roll!

Recently Ainsley has discovered the iPod and the headphones. She loves to wear the headphones, turn the music on and dance around the room. Here are some pictures...

The kid loves to dance. Two funny things she does with dancing...both related to movies she's seen. I am a terrible parent for allowing my child to watch so much TV.

1 - She says "Let's go to the movies mommy!" That means she wants me to get up and dance with her and she tries to imitate the characters Grace and Annie from the movie Annie. If you can remember back, or if you have a 2 year old that is obsessed with that movie, you'll remember the scene before they go to the movies where Grace and Annie dance around as they're getting ready singing "Let's go to the movies, Let's go see the stars..." If you can't remember, here's the clip. It's pretty long, I could only find the whole song, but if you just watch the first minute or so you'll get the idea.

Ainsley will position herself on the ottoman or couch or chair and hang upside down until she falls on her head.

2 - She says "Mommy, my dance with Pince!" That means she wants to dance like Cinderella and the Prince at the ball. With one hand she will hold my hand and we'll sway back and forth. The other hand is strictly reserved for holding her "petty dess" like Cinderella does.

On a side note...Happy 1st Birthday Brinkley!!!

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