Monday, November 23, 2009

Ainsley and Her Boyfriends

NOTE: I wrote this post about a week ago, but have been so busy that I never could upload pictures until today. I will post soon about our Thanksgiving Holiday.

Not only did grandma come to visit us this weekend but we got a big surprise when my friend Courtney from Italy and my friend Shanna from the Eastern Shore brought their little boys to play on Saturday! This was our best effort to get the 3 of them together for a picture. We had to bribe a few of them with fruit snacks.

Ainsley just loves playing with other kids. For awhile I thought she might be a loner because anytime we were around other kids she just wanted to play with adults or play by herself. However, now she just loves to take kids to her playroom and play, play, play!

She and Grayson did so well together, better than they've done in the past. We had a much better time sharing and communicating with each other. It's so cute how they have their own little language and seem to understand each other perfectly. We could hear them talking in the playroom, back and forth just like adults. They're such mini grown ups!

Last time Grayson and Ainsley played, Grayson taught her to jump off the ottoman. This time, Ainsley taught him to escape the baby gate and climb into her crib and jump on the mattress. Shanna, I apologize if Grayson starts climbing out of his crib. They seem to like to share their rotten little habits with one another.

Otherwise, it was a very busy weekend. I had 2 jewelry shows and Clif went to visit some friends. We are all looking forward to a 4 day weekend this coming week!
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