Thursday, April 18, 2013


I have an issue with all the doctors I've seen in this area.  They are all so stand-offish and hands off.  I have seen so many doctors and nurses and lab techs during this pregnancy, that I can't even count them all.  And as far as I can tell, none of them talk to each other.  If I bring something up with one, I'm pushed off to another.

Now, my OB is not bad.  I think I like her.  But I had to meet with the other doctors in her practice, and I have to say, I'm not a big fan of any of them.  Still, anytime I need an ultrasound, blood work, whatever...I'm sent elsewhere to get it done.  They don't draw blood in the office, they don't do ultrasounds, nothing. 

The doctor I had for years before I got pregnant and through both my pregnancies in Richmond did everything in her office.  And when I had diabetes with Ainsley, they walked me through everything.  Set up appointments for me and she was my main contact.  She had answers for my questions, talked to my Endocrinologist, was in the same office as the high risk OB, etc.  She was involved.

Well, I have diabetes again and this time?  It's a nightmare.  It's been weeks since I found out and my sugar numbers are all over the board.  Yet no one seems that concerned.  I'm 33 weeks this Saturday and I'm  not being pushed to do anything about it.  I'm just told what I should do and written a few referrals.  Oh and, my doctor's office didn't even call me to tell me I failed the test...either time.  I had to ask.

Today, I'm going to see an Endocrinologist who has come highly recommended.  One that I chose.  I'm really hoping she can help me.  Because right now if I eat the diet that has been laid out for me, my sugar is high just about every time.  But if I don't eat that diet, the people at the Diabetes Center tell me I'm putting myself and the baby at risk.  They're making me test for keytones in my urine, which if present means you're burning fat instead of carbohydrates.  You lose weight...which I have, and not really what you want during pregnancy.  My keytone count is always large.  But from what I read, if you're not producing enough insulin to push the carbs into your doesn't matter.  And guess what?  Diabetics don't produce enough insulin to push carbs into keytone issues.

Anyway, they have me freaking out about this keytone thing, even though with Ainsley I never tested for them.  In fact, I didn't even know what they were talking about when they brought it up.

So I'm really hoping this doctor has a good answer for me.  A balance of what to eat and what not to eat that is clear.  Because right now it's just all confusing and stressful.  Right now I'm bouncing back and forth between visions of a giant 12 pound baby and a tiny, underfed baby.

Fingers crossed we can get it all worked out before little man makes his grand entrance.
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