Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cloth Diapers

I started using cloth diapers this week and so far so good. I like them and I feel like they're not as much work as I had anticipated. I guess I'll have to get back to you in a few weeks.

Here's a picture of Freddie in his cute little diapers. He looks like a little sumo wrestler! We had a doctor's appointment today (which I will explain in a moment) and he weighs 13 lbs 15 ounces!! Goodness he's a little monster!

So the doctor's appointment...We had a follow up with the ENT last Friday and now they're not so sure that the growth in Freddie's ear is a hemangeoma. It's gotten really big and now completely fills his ear canal. So they want to biopsy it, however, before they do that they need to make sure that it doesn't run deeper than they think. So tomorrow we go for an MRI. Today's doctor's appointment was a "pre-op appointment" because little Freddie has to be put under anesthesia. A person has to be perfectly still for an MRI...which is not really possible with an 8 week old.

So please send your prayers our way tomorrow morning. I'm kind of worried, because he's so small. Also, I can't feed him after 2:30 AM tonight. So that should make for a very fun morning filled with the sounds of a screaming hungry baby boy!

Well moving on to other things. Last weekend we went to visit my mom and meet my new nephew Austin. We had a great time and it was nice to see all the kids together. Freddie is way bigger than Austin!

Everything is going really well. Clif is still looking for a job every day and we are keeping our fingers crossed that he'll find something soon. I just started doing jewelry shows again, but I gotta say that I'm probably not going to do as many as before. Life is so busy and I just don't know if I'll find the time.

Ainsley is such a little mommy. And if we thought she mimicked us before, well we were very mistaken. She is literally on my heels all day long. She nurses her babies and puts them in the swing and swaddles them. We even caught her pumping one day! I wish I had that on film. She is growing into such a wonderful little girl and I'm so lucky that I get to witness it. She's so imaginative...even has some imaginary friends...and she really is a good girl. Don't get me wrong, she's not perfect...but she's about as close as they come. And she loves her baby brother.

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