Friday, August 14, 2009

Camera is broken...again

So my camera is broken again, which is why I haven't really updated recently. We borrowed my Mother-In-Law's camera, but we can't seem to get the pictures on to our computer. So for now, you'll just have to read my words and wait for pictures.

Other than a concert last weekend, it's been pretty ho-hum around the White house. Work is getting really busy, so I've been focused on that. I'm also trying to get parties booked for my new jewelry venture (hint, hint ;). And with the exception of a few days, it has been so freaking hot. Summer does not usually bother me like this.

So Clif and I went to the Dave Matthews concert at Nissan last weekend. Ainsley spent the evening with Nanny and Poppa and Auntie Keek. Caitlyn even managed to get her to sleep which is a total chore these days. We're lucky if she's in bed by 10PM. We just can't seem to get on a consistent streak, that lasts forever. She was doing really well for awhile, now all of the more sleeping. We may be trying some drastic measures soon.

The concert was awesome. We had so much fun. I did have to miss my close friend's girls night/baby shower...which made me sad, but hopefully I will go visit her soon, or at least once her little boy arrives.

Ainsley is such a little spit fire these days. She talks more and more all the time and be careful what you say around her, because she will repeat EVERY WORD!!! So Clif and I are watching our mouths very carefully these days. Yesterday, she dropped her sippy cup and Clif picked it up for her and she said "No daddy, my dink. Sisin (listen) daddy, my dink, you heard me?"

I think my favorite thing she does right now is her "oh poor pitiful me" act. It happens if we tell her no or if she hurts herself (not so bad that she's crying mind you...I'm talking like the dog pushes her down or something that happens a million times a day) or maybe she just wants extra attention. She will hang her head and huff and puff and then throw herself on the floor "crying." I'll say "Ainsley, what's wrong?" and she'll look up at me with big sad eyes, then hide her face again "crying." "Ainsley, are you crying?" I'll ask. "Yes, mommy. My hurt my finer." Then more "tears" into the carpet or couch or pillow. Until finally she pops up laughing.

It's really hysterical and shows me just what a dramatic little teenager I'll have.
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