Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy Busy

So I'm not really sure where the last couple of weeks have gone. Work is getting very busy, so I'm there late almost every night, and weekends are just jam packed right I guess that's my answer.

I have a funny story to tell about Ainsley. It just happened tonight but similar things have happened in the past. We were sitting at dinner and Clif and I were talking like we usually do when we've finished. Lately Ainsley is not really down with the after dinner talk. She starts saying "Mommy, enuff!" or "Daddy, top it!" So she started that and Clif said "Ainsley, I am talking to Mommy, you need to wait." Ainsley then took this opportunity to explain to Clif that "No, daddy, no talk to mommy." Then she would point to me and say "Dat Ainsley Mommy...not you Mommy." She just repeated this every time Clif started talking again.

I swear sometimes it's just impossible not to laugh.

Well the week is just about over...thank goodness. And then just one week before a three day weekend!!! Oh it's the small things in life that make it worthwhile.
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