Monday, November 24, 2008

Visit to Wilmington

This past weekend Clif and I visited some friends in Wilmington, NC. I'm sure most of you know that Clif and I lived there for a couple of years. Clif's roommate from college, Chip, lives there. Another friend from college, Banner, and his girlfriend, Brit, were in town from Chip hosted a Chili cook off and we made the journey down.

This was my first trip back to Wilmington since moving. I've just been busy with the bug and haven't had a chance to get down there. Plus, usually it is a big guys weekend when Clif goes down - AKA: Fantasy Football Draft Party - so it's not really a place for me and Ainsley. Ainsley stayed home with Nanny and Popa. She got spoiled rotten and Kip and Denise had a blast with her.

Ainsley has been in her new toddler class for a little over a week now, and she seems to be doing ok. I will say that going to one nap a day has messed with her schedule a bit. She often only takes one nap with me, but it's usually around 1 or so. At daycare they go down for their naps at 11:30. So if she only sleeps for an hour...which sometimes she does...well then, she is a cranky little bug when she gets home. I guess eventually it will work itself out and she will sleep longer, but right now it's tough. She is very whinny and clingy all night. She also has a little cold, so that doesn't really help matters.

She is also talking more and more since being in that class. Any day now she's just going to break out in a monologue...actually, she already does that, but maybe one day we'll all be able to understand her.

Oh, and something very exciting, she created her first piece of artwork. Once I get it from daycare I will take a picture and post it. It is a little outline of her hand, decorated as a turkey. The day she did it, I picked her up and she was so excited to show it to me. I know that sounds kind of funny, seeing as she can't really talk yet and she is kind of a baby still. But seriously, she just kept pointing at it and babbling. Wouldn't stop until I walked over and acknowledged it. She was so proud.

So this week is a short week at work...thank goodness. I need a vacation. I can't wait to spend 4 days with Clif and Ainsley.

Well, I also am coming down with a little cold, so I am going to go blow my nose and go to bed. As Ainsley would say "nigh nigh", then blow you a kiss :)
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