Sunday, November 16, 2008

Talking with Auntie Keek

Ainsley loves phones...she loves anything that resembles a phone that she can place between her shoulder and ear and pretend to talk in to. However, anytime we actually try to get her to talk on the phone, she just looks at us, silently, like we have lost our minds. Well, the other night Caitlyn called and she just gabbed away on the phone with her. Here is some video of that.

Life has been hectic. Clif and I have both been working long hours and trying to play catch up on the weekends. So we haven't been doing anything too exciting. Last weekend we went to a friend's 30th birthday party on Saturday night, and then to our cousin Sammy's first birthday party on Sunday afternoon.

This weekend was pretty relaxing. I had to work on Saturday morning, but otherwise we have just been hanging out and we actually started Christmas shopping yesterday. Clif and I are big procrastinators for Christmas. I hear about people who do their shopping in like August, and that is so not me. I'm more of a late November, December shopper. First of all, I never have any money. Second, I never know what to buy people. Third, I have no room in my house to keep the stuff in December, let alone for half the year. So, I really need it to feel like Christmas before I start shopping. Not that it feels at all like Christmas right now, but I pretty much always have fun shopping for Ainsley and that's all we've really done so far.

Speaking of Ainsley, she is just growing up so fast. Last week she transitioned from the infant room to toddler room at day care. It makes me a little sad, but it is a bit cheaper and she's with kids her own age now. She's been the oldest and the only one walking in the infant room for months. So it will be nice for her to catch back up with her friends that moved on before her.

She has such a personality, and she knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it. NOW! I believe we will have our hands full as she grows up. So because of this very strong personality, she sometimes wants to do things that we don't want her to do for whatever reason. So, we have begun trying the whole timeout thing. I'm not necessarily against spanking...verdict is still out on that one...but I just think she's too young for that. Plus, one thing that she often gets put in time out for is hitting, and I find it insane to think that you can teach a kid not to hit by hitting her.

This is normally how it goes:
Me: Ainsley, no hitting.
Ainsley: (hits again)
Me: Last chance, if you hit me again you will go in time out.
Ainsley: No. (then hits again)
Me: Fine. Timeout.

I sit her in the time out spot and she wails while I count to 10. Then I pick her up, hug her and tell her what she did wrong. I know, you probably think I'm crazy, because she can't understand me, but one day she will, so I'm starting early.

At this point she will get down, and go sit in time out where she proceeds to count...
Me: No Ainsley, you don't have to sit there anymore.
Ainsley: (holding a little finger in the air) Duh...duh...duh...

It's very hard not to laugh...she really is a one woman comedy act.

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