Thursday, October 16, 2008

Visit to the Zoo

Last weekend Clif, Ainsley and I went to the zoo in Washington DC. Clif's family joined us. Ainsley had a good time. She wasn't thrilled...she's just not all that in to animals at the moment...but she didn't hate it either. Some things she found fun, other things she couldn't of cared less about. Also adding no nap in to the mix is never really a good thing. She did fine, but she was tired and whiny at times. Here are some pictures from the day.

What Ainsley does love, is food. She has found a new food to love, bananas. I shouldn't really be surprised, bananas were one of her favorite baby foods. However, since moving to solids she really hasn't cared for them much. Last Saturday she had 2 full probably know what that means. Poor little bug was so stopped up the next morning. I really shouldn't of let her eat that much. So now we limit ourselves to half a banana in the morning and maybe another half at night.

On Sunday Clif and I went to the Redskins game. We used to have season tickets, but last year it just got to be too much with the travelling and leaving Ainsley all day and then heading back to work on Monday. We decided to save ourselves some money and just watch the games on TV. From the seats we had, we can see much better at home anyway.

Unfortunately the Redskins played like crap and lost to the Rams (WHAT!!!!), but it was fun to be so close to the action. It's a whole other game at that level.

During the game I started feeling not so great. I ended up coming down with some sort of stomach virus. It was horrible. We got back to Kip and Denise's house and I just started getting sick...I'll spare you the gory details and leave it at that. We didn't get home until after 10 that night since I couldn't bear to get back in the car for a bit and had to take a short snooze. Once we got home Clif was tired and I was so miserable that we just put Ainsley in bed with us. She was so cute. Clif would say "Mommy doesn't feel well, give her a kiss." She would just pucker up, give me a great big hug and plant one on my cheek or forehead. She just squeezed my neck with those little hands and arms, it was almost like she wanted to take care of me. She really is just the cutest little bug ever.

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