Thursday, June 23, 2016


Dear Cohen,

Yes, I know...your birthday was 2 weeks ago.  What can I say?  You were born at a crappy time.  I was just telling someone the other day, that if I had put any forethought into life I would have gotten married in March and had all my kids in April.

June is tough.  The day we brought you home from the hospital, daddy dropped us off then ran around switching cars and installing car seats so we could pick up Freddie and make it to Ainsley's final cheerleading performance.  Three days later, we had the end of year picnic for Ainsley's first year of elementary school.  The next week was dress rehearsal and performances for dance class.

With the end of school, the end of my fiscal year at work, mommy and daddy's anniversary, the end of all activities...birthdays can get lost.  But somehow, I believe that you will always shine above all that.  You definitely make your presence known.  You are not a wallflower and you will not be overlooked.

Three is a tough year.  I don't know one parent of a three year old that will say "Three is a breeze."  They call them the terrible two's, but in my experience...two's got NOTHING on three.  You, however, are WAY ahead of your time.  You've been acting like a 4 or 5 year old since you were 1.5.  So I'm kind of hoping we're past the worst of it.  Although, knowing you...well, let's just say you take everything to a whole new level.  I'm sure it will be awhile before we are out of the difficult years with you, that is, if there ever is an end.

You are my toughest child.  The most stubborn, the most strong willed, the least easily distracted.  You know what you want.  You have always known what you wanted.  You get what you want, by any means necessary.

You are crazy, insanely, wickedly smart.  You have the vocabulary of a 5 year old.  I have no doubt that you could hold your own in a kindergarten class.  You're just shorter than most kindergartners.  But that brain and mouth work so quickly.

You are so beautiful.  Recently we attended a memorial service for my grandfather, and I saw so many family members that I hadn't seen since high school or college.  I pointed out my kids and I believe every single one of them said something along the lines of "Oh my, he looks like an angel."  And you do.  With those deep, big blue eyes and that soft wispy white hair.  And your rosy cheeks and perfectly pink mouth.  You look like you could sprout wings at any moment.  But, please read the above paragraphs again.

You are sweet and loving.  You kiss anyone that comes close to you.  And everyday when you leave daycare, you hug every one of your playmates and teachers.  But that angelic little face can contort into a monster before our very eyes.

You are not shy.  You talk to anyone.  You tell stories to strangers.  You have lots of friends and lots of admirers.

You are such a special little boy, even with all the challenges that come with raising a little guy with your big personality.  You have made us laugh.  You have brought us such joy.

The other day I asked Freddie if he remembered our family before you were born, and he said no.  And honestly, I can barely remember what life was like before you.  You complete us in every way.

Happy Birthday buddy.

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