Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dave Love

You all know Clif and I love Dave Matthews, right?  I mean, I hope you know that after reading my blog.  Especially if you know us in person, you should definitely know that.

It's the only concert we go to every year.  It's the music that will be playing in the background if you come over for a cook out.  We put the videos on during our kids' birthday parties.  Our first dance was to "Where Are You Going."  Our bridal recession was to "Two Step."

There was a time in our lives that we attended 4 or 5 Dave Matthews concerts a year.

Well, since we love Dave, our kids know some of his songs.  Both of them can sing "You and Me" off of the Big Whiskey album.  Ainsley has, for a long time, been able to recognize his voice on the radio.

We are creating a whole new generation of fans for Dave Matthews.  You're welcome, Dave. 

Freddie is just now getting to an age where he has an opinion.  So when he and Ainsley get to pick songs to listen to Ainsley will pick "Call Me Maybe" or "Home" or a P!NK song.  But Freddie, he says "Dave Maffews."

This weekend, he slung the toy guitar over his shoulders and started strutting around the house saying "Yook mommy, I Dave Maffews."

Then last night at dinner he started singing..."Tinkle tinkle lille star..."

Ainsley joined him.

"No Ainley!  I singing Dave Maffews song," he yelled.
"Who sings that song, Freddie?" Clif asked.
"Dave Maffews.  I sing Dave Maffews song by myself...tinkle tinkle lille star..."

Hmm, I'm pretty sure Dave's never recorded that...but here's one just as good buddy...

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