Friday, October 21, 2011

I Know, I Know

I haven't posted in a week.  I think I needed a break.  If you have a blog then you know how all consuming keeping up with it can be.  You worry that if you don't post, you'll lose your readers.  You worry that if you do post, your readers won't like it.  You become obsessed with things like hashtags and page views and Klout and followers.  I just needed a breather.  I haven't read any blogs in a week.  I haven't been on twitter in a week - okay, maybe I was on twitter a little, but hardly. 

If you don't have a blog, then let me explain it.

Every moment of every day I am thinking, "How do I turn this into a blog post?"  Examples?  Okay...
-Freddie says "a beet" for feet and he either says it funny like "Hey, look I  have feet, isn't that funny?!?!?" or very sad like "Oh my goodness, please take this blanket off my feet before they suffocate."  Do I put a funny or touching spin on that?
-Ainsley often talks like she's a grown up.  Pulling out words like "Ridiculous," "Flattering," "Apparently," "Absolutely."  Do I save all these little stories up and do one According to Ainsley post or do I spread them out over the next month?

So you see, blogging sometimes takes over my life.  Other than viewing every action as a possible blog post, I also spend obscene amounts of time at work reading and commenting on other blogs.  I'm pretty sure that's not why they pay me.

I needed a break.  I needed to get back to just actually being present in the moment that Freddie cries because his socks are strangling his feet or Ainsley says something like "Mommy, it is absolutely ridiculous that you are apparently flattered by that!"

But look, I went and blogged about it.  Shame on me.
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